Faculty Office sets action plan to increase market transparency


The Faculty Office Regulates the 775 Notary Publics in England & Wales. In response to the Legal Services Board 4 outcomes, the Faculty Office has recently published its proposals to achieve these outcomes. This action plan recognises the size and unique nature of the Notary profession, whilst acknowledging the necessity for change to meet the growing needs of consumers. The action plan includes a number of proposals including:

  • By December this year, the Faculty office plans to develop a brief consumer guide to the Notary profession.
  • Notaries will be provided with guidance on displaying appropriate website information, including the need for information on price, services and redress.
  • The Faculty Office is committed to encouraging Notaries to participate in online consumer review platforms.
  • The Faculty Office will share data about Notaries with third party comparison sites.
  • The Faculty Office intends to promote the Legal Choices website to consumers.

At findmyNotary we believe this action plan is spot on. It reflects both the proposals of the Legal Services Board and what we believe, from our market research, the consumer wants to see. The great news is we are already delivering on these action points. So our Associates are able to enjoy these benefits in the knowledge their business is growing by aligning themselves with the needs of the modern consumer.

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