Why findmyNotary never charges Referral Fees

Referral Fees can be a controversial subject. Many of you have asked findmyNotary whether we charge Referral Fees. We never do. We don’t charge Referral Fees as we believe they are not good for either consumers or our proud Notary Associates. Our Notary Associates get the opportunity to advertise their business on our platform and we connect with consumers and businesses faster. Notaries also get requests for Notary quotes referred to them based on their office location and availability.  

So why don’t we charge Referral Fees? Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Cost: No additional costs are passed onto the consumer – Consumers often worry Referral Fees mean higher costs and Notaries often view Referral Fees as reducing their margin. Both can lead to unwanted Notary fee increases. At findmyNotary we are committed to a price guarantee to ensure “what you see is what you pay”, with no Referral Fee to distract from this commitment.  
  2. Speed: We want to connect Notaries & consumers faster – To track referrals and payment of Referral Fees can lead to structures which slow everything down. At findmyNotary you can contact our Associates via email, telephone, social media or how ever is easiest for you. Most consumers prefer to use our Get a Free Quote function which means we do much of the legwork for you.
  3. Success: We don’t penalise the success of our Notaries – We want our Associates to benefit from being part of a forward thinking network which discloses pricing information transparently and makes the process for consumers easier. Our Associates therefore receive many introductions each month for a single advertising fee.
  4. Transparency: We remain independent and can assist consumers to shop around – We never put pressure on consumers to take up a particular notarial service. This allows us to act in the interests of consumers to help make Notary services and fees more easily available and comparable.
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