Online Reviews: how they can help you choose a Notary

At findmyNotary we love reviews. Our online platform allows any UK Notary Public to be reviewed in just a few clicks.   We know online reviews are a great tool to help consumers and businesses make the right choice when searching for a Notary. Research undertaken in 2016 by the CMA identified over 50% of UK households use online reviews when selecting services.  Reviews also provide our dedicated Notary Associates the opportunity to get recognition for the high quality services we hope they deliver day-to-day.  We are always conscious online reviews work best when they are entirely open, honest and fair.

Therefore at findmyNotary we follow the CMA & CAP Code guidance, to ensure the reviews on our platform are open, honest and fair. Below are our findmyNotary Do’s & Don’ts guide to reviews:

findmyNotary Do:

  • Offer users the opportunity to issue a complaint or leave a review.  
  • Publish reviews shortly after they have been submitted and verified.
  • Publish both negative and positive reviews to ensure validity.
  • Remove fake reviews.
  • Have a set of terms and conditions which address how reviews must be produced if they are to be published.  
  • Provide Notaries with a right of reply.

findmyNotary Don’t:

  • Collect reviews from only satisfied customers.
  • Offer incentives for positive reviews.
  • Try to dissuade customers from leaving a review.
  • Give Notaries the right to block reviews simply on the basis they do not like the contents.
  • Treat a negative review intended for publication as a complaint and not publish it

Further reading:  CMA:  Online Reviews:  letting your customers see the true picture

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