What is an Apostille

What is an Apostille?

  • An Apostille is a Legalisation Certificate (as per the above example)
  • The Apostille is a certificate granted by the Foreign Office, which confirms the legal status of an official, often a Notary Public.
  • In most countries, only the Apostille is required for Legalisation, however, some require both the Apostille and further Consular stamps. For further information please refer to https://findmynotary.co.uk/legalisation-country-guide/

Why would you need an Apostille?

An Apostille is necessary in order to legalise a document. For example when making a business deal, acquiring property abroad, seeking a Trade Mark, applying for a birth certificate etc.
What information is written on an Apostille?
An Apostille will contain:
1. The country of issue
2. The signature of the specific Notary Public
3. The place of issue, the date of issue
4. The authority that issues the certificate
5. The Apostille certificate number
6. The details of any seal on the certificate
7. The circumstance in which the certificate was signed
8. The stamp of authority
9. The signature of the issuing authority.

What will it cost to get an Apostille?

The Foreign Office charges:
– £30 per document for a basic Apostille
– £75 per document for a premium and same day service

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